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Offered by the Department of Social Sciences
(Approved by the UP Board of Regents on 27 May 1999 during its 1131st meeting)


The Master of Management (MM) degree program currently being offered has three areas of competencies: Public Administration, Business Management, and Educational Management. Approved during the 1131st meeting of the U.P. Board of Regents held on 27 May 1999, the MM serves as an umbrella program to highlight the varied specialism of the faculty of the Department of Social Sciences.

Program Content

Core courses (9 units) from the MM program are required, regardless of areas of competencies. They are as follows:

Mgt. 201 – Theory and Practice of Management
Mgt. 202 – Human Behavior in Organizations
Mgt. 203 – Environment of Management

Area of Specialism: Public Management (PM)

PM 211 Organization and Management
PM 221 Human Resource and Development
PM 231 Public Fiscal Administration
PM 241 Public Policy and Program Administration
PM 250 Local Government Administration
PM 299 Research Methods in Public Management

PM Electives
PM 213 Administrative Communication
PM 256 Cooperatives Management
PM 291 Special Problems in Public Management

Area of Specialism: Business Management (BM) with focus on Economic Management

BM 201 Economic Analysis
BM 220 Management Accounting and Control
BM 222 Financial Management
BM 230 Marketing Management
BM 240 Production and Operations Management
BM 299 Research Methods

BM Electives
BM 236 International Marketing
BM 238 New Enterprise Planning and Management
BM 239 Management of Small Business
BM 250 Law in Business Transaction
BM 252 Personnel and Industrial Relations
BM 259 Management Information System

Area of Specialism: Educational Management (EDM)

EDM 211 Organization and Management of Educational Institutions
EDM 221 Human Resource Development
EDM 222 Management and Supervision of Instruction
EDM 231 Fiscal Management in Education
EDM 298 Seminar on the Philippine Educational System
EDM 299 Methods of Educational Research and Evaluation

EDM Electives
EDM 201 Psycho-Philosophical Foundation of Education
EDM 203 Socio-cultural and Philosophical Foundations of Education: A Comparative
EDM 210 Program Planning and Evaluation
EDM 212 Administration Communications and MIS
EDM 218 Curriculum Planning and Development
EDM 230 Curriculum Planning and Development
HK 211 Organization and Management of Sports and Wellness
HK 298 Seminar in Physical Education

MM Electives

Electives (only 9 units) may be taken from graduate courses in management in UP Manila.

Some UP Manila courses, which may be taken as electives are as follows:

PHA 201 Principles of Health Administration (2 units)
HPS 231 Health Policy and Quality of Life (2 units)
HPS 232 Fiscal Management in Health (2 units)
HPS 234 Gender Issues and Health Policy Development (2 units)
HPS 237 Issues in Health Economics (2 units)
HPS 241 Principles and Process of Health Policy Implementation and Evaluation (2
HA 201 Hospital Organization and Management (2 units)
HPS 253 Health Information Management (2 units)
PHA 210 Health Organizations Theory (2 units)
HPS 256 Health Organizations Behavior (2 units)
HP 211 Curriculum Planning in the Health Professions (2 units)
HP 261 Organization and Management of Health Programs (2 units)
HP 235 Evaluation of Programs for Health Professions Education (2 units)
HP 262 Administration of Health Education Programs (2 units)

Admission Requirements

• Graduate of a bachelor’s degree
• TOEFL score of 500 as required by the graduate school
• Reference Letters (2) from employer and former professor
• Interview
• Passing of a general management examination

Graduation Requirements

1. GWA of 2.00 or better
2. Complete at least 36 units
3. Pass a comprehensive exam